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   Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions set out below are here to protect the interests of both you as an individual and ourselves.  Where reference is made to; "the site", "this site", "FLOW" (often referred to as "FLOW"), we, us, we are referring to the website www.FLOWforALL.org and the sites it maintains which are:


Further to the above we regard the use of the word "work", as in your work, to mean either a story or a poem.

Your agreement to our Terms and Conditions:

If you visit any of our sites or you submit a poem/s or a or stories to us in any way we will accept this as you agreeing to abide by all our current Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

Conduct in The Forum:

Please do not upset people by being rude, offensive or hurtful. Racism, sexism, rudeness and all those other things will NOT be tolerated by us. If you see evidence of this please report it immediately and we will have no hesitation in banning people/members for such behaviour. We are here to foster a feeling of community and respect for each other, peoples views and their feelings. Treat others as you would like to be treated.


These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and we will ask you to ensure that you revisit them on a regular basis to confirm that you still agree to our current terms and conditions. If you do not then please contact us and let us know and we will endeavour to come to an agreement with you.

Submitting work to us?

ANY work submitted to us will be taken as your request for it to be published on the site we deem most appropriate. If you submit work for publication on one of our sites and you are under 13 years of age you MUST have gained parental permission to submit it. By sending in your work for publication on one of our sites we will accept this as confirmation of you having been granted permission from your parent or legal guardian. We will periodically check to ensure this is being carried out. If you submit work for publication on one of our sites on behalf of a child or children, you are taking full responsibility for the child/children's welfare. Not all poems or stories on our sites are seen as suitable for young children to read so please exercise caution and guidance when allowing a child/minor access to our sites.


If you send us a work you are stating that it was written by you and is your rightfully owned material to publish, (unless you "clearly" state that it was not written by you). If it was not written by you and you know the author please tell us and we will give due credit to the author. If you do NOT know the author tell us and we will publish it asking for the author to be identified. When the author is identified we will give due credit to that person or people.

By sending in a to us you are stating that we have your permission to publish the work on any of our website/s and that people are allowed to publish your stories elsewhere, such as on other sites as long as it is credited to you by name as the author and credited to www.FLOWforALL.org as the website where it was discovered and copied from.

We occasionally use links in our emails to organisations or individuals to give examples of work on our site and by submitting your work to us you are giving your permission for us to do this. We are selective about where we send such links.

To submit your work please click the "Submit a Poem/Story" link on the menu to the left in the appropriate site. Whether submitting by our online form or by email, please state which category you wish your work to be placed in. If a category is not stated we will choose which category the work is best suited to. If you later wish this changed just let us know.

Forces Stories Publications:

It is the intention of Forces Stories to publish a series of books containing selected works submitted to our sites. By sending in your work to us you are agreeing that we have your permission to publish your stories in our publication and sell that publication. The profit or proceeds from the sale of any publication from Forces stories will be paid into the FLOWforALL fund and used solely for the purposes to run our "Non profit" organisation. When we become a registered charity our Governing Document will outline all such details.


Any donations made to us will be used to finance FLOWforALL and assist in any other charities involved in helping those affected by war that we are able to help. The charities will be those which assist in helping those affected by war including any ex services/forces charities.

If you submit work which is later found to be the work of another person or group from whom you did not gain proper permission, we will expect to recover any legal costs incurred by us from you. 

Please also note that the views of those writing the stories are not necessarily the views of FLOWs staff or the members of the forums.  We believe in the freedom of expression but will attempt not to offend any religion, creed, person belief or anything else.  If you feel offended by anything on this site please email us and we will contact you to reach a mutual agreement.

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The Fine Print