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Author Category Title Date Added
MurdockWarDark Soldiers31/3/2017
Ross de FreitasGeneralI THINK IT’S JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS!30/3/2015
Ross de FreitasGeneralThe Simplest Mind17/1/2015
Ross de FreitasGeneralThe best of us...27/10/2014
Ross de FreitasSoldieringI WANT TO BE A SOLDIER25/10/2014
Ross de FreitasWarHearts and Minds...26/9/2014
Ross de FreitasGeneralHigh Tides...25/9/2014
Ross de FreitasGeneralDream Girl...19/7/2014
Ross de FreitasGeneralThe World Is My Oyster19/7/2014
Ross de FreitasGeneralLife ain't easy.20/6/2014
Ross de FreitasGeneralUntitled20/6/2014
Paul FryerGeneralGrandpa6/11/2013
Richard GildeaPoetry Formsbur-IED Underfoot5/11/2013
Netha HussainGeneralPoetic Confessions29/6/2013
Holly KernottGeneralThe Miles Mean Nothing14/4/2013
Holly KernottGeneralSoldier Girl13/4/2013
Richard GildeaPoetry Forms“Heed the Call” 4/1/2013
MacRemembranceCome Gather you Spartans23/11/2012
Richard GildeaPoetry FormsHarbinger Of Fate 13/11/2012
Richard GildeaPoetry Forms“Eyes Left” 10/11/2012
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