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Poetry from within

Santa at The Training Foundation

A bump in the library and a cloud of thick soot

Santa has landed and dusts off his boots

He stands tall and smiling all sooty and fine

In the reddest of suits with a buckle that shines

In The Training Foundation he finds himself now

With presents for all to make them go "Wow"

He walks up the stairs to see all up there

He walks into sales saying “Good Morning Claire”

There’s loads for the sales team for boys and for girls

Straighteners for ladies to keep away curls

For boys he brings other things glass and quite strong

(A case of good booze to last the night long)

And then there’s the admin the glue of the team

Bringing them prezzies to make their eyes gleam

For all those e-tutors he brings gifts for too

Gifts of e-Christmas for all the e-crew

For the trainers he struggles he’s not sure at all

There’s activists, theorists both wee and quite tall

Who try to help learners some "oooh" and some great

So he gives them nice learners for 2008

Then for the ones who author our book

Nick and his helpers like Adrian Snook

Now Santa thought hard about what he should give

These men of great thinking quite innovative

He thought about this and yes even that too

and eventually decided on just what to do

He gave them next year filled with joy and success

With a Foundation Team that is truly the best!

A Merry Christmas to you all

Mac Macdonald