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Poetry from within


You know the cat I mentioned, my daughter had one too

Hers was a new waif and stray and wouldnít use the loo

It picked her out from other folk, when it was in dire need

She took it in and rescued it and gave it a good feed

The vet he checked it over, saw mites within its ears

Conjunctivitis in its eyes thus causing all the tears

All was never lost dear, even stray cats can dream

Of vets and magic ointment and of his magic cream

Litter trays like magic, appearing from the sky

Lovely Tins of cat food, it makes you want to cry

How do you train a cat Mum, does it take you long ?

I can hear her purr mum, it sounds just like a song

You donít train a cat dear even when there new

If you donít watch it, she'll be training you.

She wandered in the Garden underneath the car

Because she couldnít hear dear, she didnít run too far

You didnít know that she was deaf dear and couldnít hear a thing

Thatís why she was run over, underneath your wing.

We know how much you loved her it was becoming such a joke

We saw how upset you were today, your actions loudly spoke

When some left this skinny cat, abandoned and all alone

Youíre the one who took her in, and gave to her a home

Iím sorry that, youíve been upset and today has made you sad

You are the one who we love so much; youíre loving Mum & Dad

David Killelay