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Poetry from within


A Christmas poem is called for, that was the latest cry

Has it all been done before, I ask the reason why

Weíve read it all and weíve seen it all and heard it in the sky

Of Santa and his reindeers, as they come flying bye

Busy shops, Carol singers fill the air with Glee

Iím busy working shifts right now, so surely think of me.

Pirate ships and castles built on the front room floor

Childrenís toys a plenty they canít want for any more

But thereís different story passed down from hand to hand

About the birth of a special child born in the Holy Land

Yes itís really needed, this story to be told

Do I sound quite cranky, am I getting old?

If this Christmas story, Unites the world in peace

What a Christmas present, if all the wars could cease

David Killelay