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Poetry from within


Darker skies close in this night

I scurry back to home

I close all windows shut the door

I fear that spirits roam

I sit there scared and listen

The wind picks up and then

The creaks and sounds that fill the air

Gives chill to hearts of men

A sudden knock against the house

My heart it quickens more

And by the window flashing past

A sight which chilled my core

A shadowed figure flashed by there

I couldnít make it out

I think it looked right at me then

I think I heard it shout

My blood is charging through my veins

Surely this is it

Theyíve come to get me on my own

Iím really in the shit

Then rattling at my door I hear

My whole world now so odd

I drop down to my knees to say

Please help me now dear god

"Bang" the door flies open

And there in front is stood

A ghostly apparition

Scream? I wish I could!

A head pops out from hooded cloth

A smile I see it wears

"Itís me the paper boy" he grins

(I didnít mean to swear)

Mac Macdonald