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Poetry from within

Demons of the Night

Thoughts go rushing through my head

As I sit here and write

As another day is ending

Once again the fading light

I close my eyes for inspiration

Looking neither left or right

Will I be accompanied

By the Princes or Demons of the night

Iím searching deep within me

Both my body and my soul

Hoping that one day soon

My life and mind I will again control

I see again the battles we fought

The trauma , smell and noise

The supreme Sacrifice made by colleagues

Some were only boys

But then my Military days are over

Back to Civilian life

Home once more with my Family

And an everloving Wife

Thoí then I had my battle with Demons

Who visit in the middle of the night

And I call upon the Prince of Darkness

To help me win this my biggest fight

Not many know of the life we live

Even fewer understand

How deep are the wounds of Military Life

Or how their future can be planned

But sympathy cures very little it seems

For scars and wounds deep within the soul

But with the aid of the Prince of Darkness

Iím now the one back in control.

Dennis Shrubshall