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Poetry from within


A chilling wind and threatening sky

Both make the daylight hours fly

Swirling leaves that dance and play

Upon the grass this Autumn day

A nippy day for gloves and hat

Just say ďHelloĒ donít stop to chat

Then throw your ball and let your dog

Enjoy his play before the fog

Begins to get too thick to see

Then chase him home in time for tea

How I hate the Autumnís chill

With sun-less days so dark and still

Around the corner winter waits

To paint its frost on garden gates

A warning that we all will know

To be prepared for winterís snow

But itís not all just doom and gloom

As we seek out a cosy room

To sit and view the crisp white scene

Criss-crossed by tracks where folk have been

A-top the hill, just by the hedge

To push the kids upon their sledge

The memory of their sheer delight

Will cheer me up each winterís night

Don Holmes