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Poetry from within


Settling back at the end of the day

At the hush of eventide

A stillness oíer the scene before you

As though the whole world is pacified

All the boats have come to moorings

At the end of a busy day

From a pastime that gives much pleasure

All the sailors well satisfied

As they stow their gear away

After spending many happy hours

In various vessels that float

Albeit a humble dinghy with oars

Or a high powered Motor Boat

Maybe a luxury sailing yacht

With mainsail & spinnaker too

Or a high powered Gin Palace afloat

With a sport minded drinking crew

So itís back to the scene before us

With the grass and weed near the shore

Still water on the horizon

Boats on their moorings as many times before

The sun has nearly gone now

Ďcept an idyllic picture to behold

The Blue Mauve and Magenta

Softly tinged with a band of Gold

So itís time to say goodbye now

And put another sailing day to rest

Sufficient to say Mother Nature has allowed us

To see Eventide at itís very best

Dennis Shrubshall