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Poetry from within


Sitting by the water at the end of the day

I closed my eyes for awhile

Thinking of how time was passing by

Not noticed by the rank and file

Of a society living life as best they might

With what seems like the speed of light

And here am I sat at the waterside

As yet another day is turning to night

The water flowing by in solemnity

Not a trace of wind in the air

Iím now embraced by tranquillity

Without a worry or care

On the horizon the trees unmoving

As another glance I take

At a sky ablaze with colour

Reflecting magnificence on the lake

Shades can be seen of many a hue

As tho displayed on an Artistís canvas

Burnt Red , Amber and Blue

A wondrous scene before my eyes

Tinged with streams of gold

Witnessing another of Mother Natureís miracles

A glorious sunset to behold

Dennis Shrubshall