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Poetry from within

Dark Soldiers

For our brothers now gone.

Darkness wraps me up again

my blanket heavy, soaked with rain

Is Churchill’s dog so fond of me?

Is guilt and pain my destiny?

What demons did my service find

to infect body, soul and mind?

What sin did I commit for this

eternity in dark abyss?

Rebuke me, tell me “get from here”

deny my illness ignore my tears,

revoke my honour kill my pride,

make me another suicide.

And you newspapers don’t you talk,

don’t choose to talk without our walk.

You tell your tales as suits your game,

whilst painting us with strokes of shame.

And you who sit tonight at home

remember us who served alone.

Far from those we missed and loved

and very far from god above.

We went to war to serve our queen,

our country, people, all unseen.

We saw our brothers fight and kill

and die for freedom at your will.

So when you close your eyes tonight

remember us, recall our plight.

Ask god to pardon all we’ve done

and let our souls rise with the sun.

Forgive us now or let us rot,

who cares for us, it matters not.

We did what we believed was right,

recoiling from each fire fight.

So now I bid you all adieu

and with my brothers now so few,

we’ll join the sunset slowly sinking

and leave each one of you, just thinking.


FootNote: We who are for now unknown, reach out to you, in word and poem.
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