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Poetry from within

A Good Nights Sleep

A moth’s bedazzled by the light

The shadows tiptoe through the night

Within the prison of your mind

Your demons will your weakness find

The moonlight slowly fades away

An owl swoops low above its prey

The wind is gathering in its strength

The willows’ branches writhe and bend

That pounding sound you seem to hear

The beating of a heart so near.

You fear that you might never sleep

The mice below the floorboards creep

A cat’s miauling on the ledge

The springs are creaking in the bed

The dragon’s left his cavernous lair

The stench of sulphur’s everywhere

You awaken with a start of fright

You see a tiny chink of light

And standing by the window there

The birds come winging through the air

The darkness in a moment leaves-

Sunlight comes glistening through the trees

The night’s, as if, it’s never been

The day unfolds, as if, a dream…

Robert Carson