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Poetry from within

The Land o' The Leal

In the land of the loyal where brave men sleep

Where the willows in silent homage weep

What stories of courage they could tell

Of the friends who lived, of the friends who fell

Of the battles they lost, of the battles they won

Of the demons they fought in the cruel desert sun.

The thirst, and the sweat, the heat of the sand

To hold, or retreat, at the word of command.

To do what your told -to cede or to hold

To die in your youth to never grow old.

The doubts and the anguish, the heat and the flies

The truth that is always the slave of the lies…

And all of those dreams that would crumble to dust

Of the peace that was theirs in the damp, grey earth.

What more could we ask, what more could they give

Who died in their youth that others might live…

Robert Carson