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Poetry from within

The Rhino and the President

He met a Prince once...

Trusted – dropped his guard

Came out into the open

For the world’s press

After all wasn’t he protected?

Millions of admirers

And a Prince saw him once

But it took a volley

Of bullets, from poachers

To bring him down

Like a President once...

In an open top cavalcade

Watched by the world

Bought down by two shots

After all wasn’t he protected?

One in death was respected

One was violated – de-horned

Both reported by mass media

An open wound


One had dined with World Leaders

The other – met a Prince once...

Jan Hedger

FootNote: This came as a result of a workshop I ran with my WOW writing group - about an invented 'new country'and what laws, protection etc we would put in place for animals/pets etc. Good discussion and in the end our country became a 'new world'! Homework was to write a piece/poem on an animal, one has empathy for.

I had been very moved by the White Rhino story in the news when William and Kate visited India and couldn't help but see the comparisons.