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Poetry from within

What e’er adorns the Tree


Tho evergreen, said conifers do pine

For time of year when central to one’s home

Whilst ‘sprucing up’ allows for each to shine

Tradition sheds its light on ancient tome

Twas ‘Tree of Life’ from which we took the form

To bridge the gap ‘twixt Man and Lord above

Then 'later shape' became accepted norm

Evoking both ‘The Trinity’ and ‘Love’

Now garlanded with tinsel, (baubles too)

Each candle burning bright midst winter gloom

Tis ‘Yonder Star’ atop tells us, He’s due

Brings sense of hope renewed to every room

Should ‘Stable’ seem to some still closed at night

Inside you can be sure, tis wondrous sight

Merry Christmas to all on FLOW

Richard Gildea