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Poetry from within

"For Whom The Bell Tolls"
(9/11 Anniversary)

Whatís happened here this day, this hour, I cannot fathom still

Yet here I am embroiled in cause which seeks alone to kill

Forgive this action that I take, in faith thatís notwithstanding

Of consequences I believe beyond oneís understanding

Searing heat may take my flesh, yet doth my soul survive,

If I should take my life in hand and like the swallow dive

No rescue plan can save this man I tell my tortured mind

No sacrifice of heroes made in seeking for to find

Iíve prayed the Lord please heed concern in thoughts of family

Of loved ones dear and friends so near, who all do care for me

Pray warn the ones below on ground of imminent demise

Lest not one passing innocent may suffer by surprise

I share the realm of Angels, as I hurtle down to earth

I sense the cradle of their wings in spirit of rebirth

Existence not yet over as I bid my last farewell

For those who perpetrate such deeds, I hear the tolling of the Bell

Richard Gildea