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Poetry from within

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Joy Gibson - Teacher

You died in 1916

You died in 1916

Was your death quick and clean?

Was your death slow and painful?

Did you think the war will end wars?

Well you were wrong my pal!

A lot of people probably loved you.

Did you have memories of your family?

Did they have memories of you?

I hope you sleep in peace my pal

We will never forget you.

The poppies are growing and the memories are flowing.

We respect our dead.

A pupil

Holne Chase Primary School, Bletchley

FootNote: I attach a couple of our young children’s WW1 poetry (they are writing as a young soldier at the front) I hope that you will be able to publish them. The children really immersed themselves in the lives of our brave young heroes and thoroughly appreciated the extreme hardships they endured for us all during the war.