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Poetry from within

Remembrance Day

For this day is marked on the 11th of November,

to observe the end of the First World War.

To remember heroes past and gone,

and to recall their stories from before.

And heads are bowed, and silence observed,

for we remember our bravest of the brave,

whom fought tyranny and endured hardship,

and how loved ones weep on their graves.

For this is day to remember, a day to reflect,

a day for all to stand and see,

distinguished men and women, past and present,

a sea of pride and dignity.

For this day is an honour, and heads held high,

and this where the poppies grow.

It marks our heroes for all to see,

and where a gentle wind between headstones blow.

Lest we forget...we will never forget,

for loved ones rest in the ground beneath,

Where memorials are etched with names who passed,

and where we lay commemoration wreaths.

Time never heals, for the pain is there,

it only strengthens our resolve,

and recall their stories to our young,

their prowess, valour, brave and bold.

At a time where hostilities ended,

and tyranny was forced to surrender,

so lets stand up, and bow in honour,

for we have forgiven, but shall always remember.....

7th of November 2014

Emad Qweitin