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Poetry from within

Hearts and Minds...

Wars are fought with weapons, they're won with hearts and minds.

The minds of combat soldiers and the hearts they leave behind..

Fear feeds all things evil, soon all must make a choice..

Line the pockets of the devil, or make Satan hear your voice!

Courage without fear, is not bravery to God.

A brave man fights his corner,

and wins against all odds

Eleventh hour fast approaches, to mark the hundredth time ,

Remembered those who stood before us, as now new blood waits in line.

To take life to protect yours, is something awful, sometimes a must, but decapitation and butchery leaves a soul laden with discust.

Far gone are the times of battles where both sides faced off on fields, now our enemy fights from shadows with young children as their shields.

To me a fights a fight, its simple...

No mater if fought in combat or playgrounds at school,

I grew up in days that problems were fixed with fists and balls!

I like not the world we all live in and fear also its genocidal ways, but I'm on the side of the angels...

Standing our ground as from today!

Ross de Freitas
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