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Poetry from within

Vallum Aelium

As Hadrian didst build a wall; perchance to keep Scots hordes at bay

Yon Clansmen burned their bridges, swearing “no surrender, ne’er no more”

Tho’ legion twere by number ranked against them, they would have their say

With intermittent raids along its length; each to a man forswore

To purge their land forever of control from any outside force

A promise made by all to future generations yet unborn

Known history unfolded in a way which altered chosen course

As o’er the wall, raised armies ventured forth whilst leaving ‘Highlands’ shorn

An ‘Act of Union’ was proposed, with open borders to and fro

Foundations laid in hope of peaceful resolution on both sides

Hail ‘Vive la différence’ embraced; with friendships forged ‘afore ye go’

Yet still the 'Auld Alliance' irked with some, like two competing brides

Now all who dwell north o’ the wall, must choose just where their future lies

To span the years of history, to bridge the gaps or cut ‘Auld’ ties

Richard Gildea

FootNote: Footnote: - Vallum Aelium - Hadrian’s Wall (The Aelian Wall)
Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus, born 24 Jan 76 AD
Roman Emperor from 117-138 AD
“Auld Alliance” – An historical alliance between Scotland and France, viewed originally as a form of protection against invasion by "The English"