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Poetry from within


They say that times a healer,

if time that's what I got,

I've all the time in this world,

whether healed or not.

The sane minds just a jigsaw,

with every piece in place,

but mines more like a puzzle,

played in orbit outer space.

To escape the ghosts of yesteryear,

is a beast I can't quite tame,

coz every road I aim to cross,

has Casper for its name.

The journey I see before me,

has a path that's still unclear,

the castle of my future,

needs not foundations built on fear.

I turn a page of time now,

in the journal of my years,

time to wash away my demons,

with Johnsons no more tears.


Ross de Freitas

FootNote: This is an untitled poem to mark a significant one year anniversary.
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