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Poetry from within

Try Try Again

In those times of trouble,

Which many I have had,

Sometimes I ask my mum,

Sometimes I ask my dad

Sometimes I ask my friends,

Sometimes to God I pray,

Sometimes I hope for a better life,

Hope for a better day.

In those times of trouble,

However difficult they come

I really try my hardest,

Albeit the battles never won

Wars wage on without me,

But I face others on my own

For the greatest wars Iíve ever fought ,

Have been battled all alone.

Iíve never been a great man,

But great things I have seen,

Bravery and courage,

And uniform pristine.

In those times of hardship,

Lots of things I tend to miss,

But not of food and beverage,

No, more important things than this.

Those times when all seems empty,

For I have nothing, not a grain,

Iíve been betrayed,

Iíve been deserted,

But IÖ




To all who struggle,

Ross de Freitas