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Poetry from within

Best Pals

Gone I am now, a good life I did live,

I have not a lot, but hereís what I give.

You can have my heart, it beats strong and fast,

itís really quite healthy, long it will last.

You can have my lungs, many miles they have run,

I really donít need them, with those I am done.

You can have my liver, canít say itís much good,

too many beers, but have it you should.

You can have my eyes, many things they have seen,

no use to me now, as I only see green.

You can have my soul, true to the last,

itís yourís I donít want it, of that I must ask.

As for my pals, those you have not,

because in all truth and honesty,

theyíre all that Iíve got!

Ross de Freitas