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Poetry from within

Never We Forget Them

S-peaks only truth,

O-nce a friend, a friend for life,

L-ives to serve his country,

D-ies, for the man by his side,

I-ncase he does not return,

E-ternal in the sky,

R-emember, this brave soldier,

S-o his truth remains alive.

Never we forget them,

Men green, Men brown, Men grey,

Dying for our freedom,

Each and everyday.

Never shall my back turn,

Not a vicious word I say,

These men of honour, my heroes,

In my heart, they stay.

Now we must grow older,

Our bodies, weakened, by each tear,

Awaiting, our final judgement,

Counting, every year.

At last, it’s now inspection time,

For each other, we have missed,

Brothers in arms, we are once more…


Ross de Freitas