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bur-IED Underfoot


No corner of some foreign field for me

As sand grains borne by wind, doth shape this land

Nor green and pleasant ending soon to be

Lest mirage forms creating close at hand

This day arrived 'neath bright and pale blue skies

Another just like any other dawn

Where once provided welcome new surprise

Now all do greet with arms outstretched and yawn

Debriefing on what’s gone, doth focus mind

When setting out on foot in helpful cause

Tho’ information gleaned, should help to find

May also lead to ambush and remorse

Tis such an end as this, which brings one home

By stepping on some ‘I E D’ unknown

Richard Gildea

FootNote: Note: - “Some corner of a foreign field” from “The Soldier” (Rupert Brooke)
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