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Poetry from within

A Team of Horses

Standing here ‘neath a darkening sky

Yet another day nearing it’s end

Here in the heart of the countryside

Where a horse can be a man’s best friend

But here we see not one , two or three

But nine horses as in a team they work

Pulling a cart with a heavy load

Hard labour they’re not allowed to shirk

But their trust is in their 2 drivers

Who feed them and look to their care

Spirit unbroken they work as a team

They’ll carry their loads anywhere

It’s dry and dusty terrain that they cover

With the trees spotted here and there

The paths they tread are not easy

With a heavy load to haul

It may be bringing in grain from the fields

Or as many as 150 bales of wool

In front of the farm buildings they’re resting now

Ready for a short night of rest

And when the dawn rises again on the horizon

They’ll be doing what a Horse Team does best

So the time is now to head for paddock

With Bridles,Reins , harnesses and shafts released

They’ll drink from the trough all the water they can

And then go to the hay bale for a feast

But this is a scene from the past you see

With primitive buildings and transportation

This was the life of the country folk

Living on a way out Station

But with the advent of the Tractor

The days of a Draught Horse were numbered

And now they are seen only at museums and shows

Depicting how the past life used to be

They are a part of cultural farming History

For future generations to see

Dennis Shrubshall