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Poetry from within

‘Mrs P’

Sonnet Form

Once studied at Sorbonne midst hardships reign

In betterment of self and world at large

Still then to find her way, tho’ sharp of brain

Of Pater’s love, such hopes she’d yet discharge

Producing works of Art to feed and clothe

When loss of bearings sparked initial thought

In plotting future path wouldst then behove

Her tracing out a route which all hath sought

In mapping out the streets of London town

Three thousand miles on foot didst then embark

All details ere unknown now noted down

From dawn to dusk and oft’ times after dark

‘Twixt two dimensions all may seek to find

Midst Cartographic logic of her mind

Richard Gildea

FootNote: “Mrs P” - Phyllis Isobel Pearsall MBE, 1906-1996
Creator of the (A-Z Street Map Books)