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Poetry from within

It’s not only me…

Ups and downs are part and parcel

Of the circle of life, I know

But nothing can prepare you

When you’re dealt a real low blow

From out of nowhere there it is

A curve ball ‘tween the eyes

It comes so fast you don’t have time

To even question why

The diagnosis, now confirmed

How on earth can this be?

The condition renown for being taboo

What will happen to me?

Fear and dread now surfaces

The tears begin to fall

This cannot be happening

I’m not ready for ‘that call’

I know I have to fight this

If I am going to win

So I call on a higher power

To help me find strength within

I fill my world around me

With positivity and hope

When I look towards the future

I know that I can cope

The medical team are optimistic

Tests are as good as they can be

They’re confident they’ll beat it

Along with faith from me

My life is now in their hands

I trust them all implicitly

I know that they will do their best

To help win this fight with me

So let the battle commence

For I’m not facing this alone

With doctors, friends and family

I’ll soon be coming home

Michaela Turner