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Poetry from within

The Xmas Fairy

I sometimes sit and wonder

Why folks seldom think of me

Cos I’m just a Xmas Fairy

To stand atop the Xmas tree

I’m looking all around me

At the different array of lights

Hanging by the Xmas cards

But they’re turned off at nights

So I just stand here daily

With baubles all around

Present piled beneath me

And the Xmas Carols sound

The Children all adore me

Especially the little Girls

They like my fashionable Fairy Dress

My pretty face and hair with curls

I sometimes think of why I stand

Precariously propped up high

Maybe away from the owners dog

That occasionally walks by

But nobody ever speaks to me

Not even Santa on Xmas Eve

He just walks in with bulging sack

Which under the tree He’ll leave

Then Xmas Day I’ll stand and watch

As the presents are opened wide

By excited Children & parents

To see just what’s inside

And later on the Family meal

Turkey and Tinsel so they say

Accompanied of course by Xmas Pudding’

And Mince pies on this Special Day

I nearly forgot the glasses of wine

Supplied by the genial Host

And during the meal the glasses are raised

And “ A Happy Xmas Everyone” is the toast

With all the activity going on

Nobody seems to think of me

For I’m just a lonely little Xmas Fairy

Stuck on top of the Xmas Tree

15th December 2012

Dennis Shrubshall