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Poetry from within


Man up soldier

Donít you cry

Because you saw

A baby die

Man up soldier

Donít you moan

Time to show that

You have grown

Man up soldier

Yes itís rough

Show your buddies

That youíre tough

A child stepped on

An I.E.D.

So innocent, she

Did not see

You cradled her

And watched her die

And all you do

Is whinge and cry

Now man up soldier

Hear what I say

Leave it here

Just walk away

Not long ago

They found him where

He hung above

An upturned chair

Don Holmes

FootNote: 26th. November 2012
I wrote this poem last week after seeing an item on the local news about a soldier who committed suicide. He saw a young girl step onto an I.D.E. whilst carrying her baby brother. The little girl died in his arms. Some months later, suffering from P.T.S.D. he was told by the Army to " Man Up ". That was two months before his death.
As you can imagine I was inspired to write my poem and it came out very quick and raw. Reading it through I can see that it might upset some people but it was not written to shock only to show that everyone has feelings and sensitivities.