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Come Gather you Spartans

Come gather you Spartans come gather with me

A brother has fallen come stand quietly

Come stand by his side and honour him now

Honour this Spartan who honoured his vow

Lift up his body and carry him proud

Lift up his spear and his sword to the clouds

Carry his honour, shield him from drama

Carry him back lads, back home to Sparta

Tell all the people from far and from wide

John has now fallen, our friend has just died

Tell the newspapers a Spartan has passed

He wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last

And now to his family we wish to stress

That John was the finest, the best of the best

We’re proud to have served with such a fine lad

And only the angels and God are now glad

But thinking of John as we move from this place

Think of that smile all over his face

Raise up a glass of fortified wine

He’d want us to smile and have a good time

So onwards and upwards we go on from here

We celebrate life with stories and beer

Remembering John as we always will

One hell of an act and hard shoes to fill

Raise up your glasses ...... To John

Mac Macdonald
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