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Poetry from within

"The Child is Father of the Man"

Announced by winged Angelic form, this Child who would be Man

Prophesied in ancient text His coming couched in metaphor

In Trinity exists His fate, as Sacrificial Lamb

To resurrect and overcome the darkness held inside for sure

Outwardly a boy who walked a grown man’s path and showed no fear

In human form appeared, to give some credence to his words

Taught in temple groups of wizened men, who gathered ‘round to hear

Lest interpretation missed, when parables of speech occurred

A voice of one in wilderness, cried out in heartfelt plea

Cleansed in waters running clear, that washed one’s sins away

When He who comes to show Himself, then all should bow on bended knee

My life and all I have is yours, for we were truly blessed that day

Believe in Me and thou shall live, in truth there is no other

In Spirit doth existence reign, come seek and you will find

Now Mother dear behold thy Son, my Son behold thy Mother

Kings bowed down unto this Child who is the Father of Mankind

Richard Gildea