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Poetry from within

“Roll Up, Roll Up”

Distorted view in mirrored hall, long of face and squat of stance

Imagined lot of poor return, when gifts were shared upon this earth

Unfamiliar lookalike, with life rewarding scope curtailed

Be grateful for small mercies, proffered wisdom oft’ times heard

Bear like Giant pleads release, from stall where coconuts are shy

Sure of aim we pitch all three, as ‘Teddy’ plays a waiting game

Munching down on Candy Floss, a red impression shaped by mouth

Child like sticky pink in hand, with fairground senses so surreal

Plastic floating Duck sails by, avoiding dangled hooks on line

Flighted arrows hit their mark; to nail all three, a prize awaits

Fun house capers made to laugh, with earthquake floor and centrifuge

Bruised of pride, of arm and knee, with dizziness of child sublime

Staff of skeleton on view, within the darkened Train of Ghost’s

Spare of bone with frightening look, riding through with eyes half closed

Bumping cars that dodge and weave, lifting out of seats secure

Revolving wheel on up through sky, perchance to steal an airborne kiss

Coasting roll of ups and downs, with twists and turns at hurtling speed

As Carousel revolves around the Piebald prancing horse’s gait

Looking back I think of life and how it’s shaped by circumstance

Embrace the fun filled ride therein, the sights and sounds that come with chance

Richard Gildea