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Armed Forces Day

Armed forces day is here once again

a time for respect and the words of fine men

we gather in places all over the land

we join in as one to salute hand in hand

Our thoughts are of parties and fun and of joy

we have our own themes for our girls and our boys

our flags will fly higher today of all days

as we cheer on the forces in so many ways

But let’s not forget all those who have gone

their families as well as they miss their loved ones

our boys and our girls we will never forget

their comrades at arms and us in their debt

A minute for all of them lost and now gone

etched in our hearts, our flags and each dawn

carved into stone at the arboretum

and never forgotten, not one single one

So wipe away tears and celebrate now

remember our troops and their promise of how

they’ll fight for us all, our country and queen

so many, so quietly and mostly unseen

Stand proud on this this day and honour our men

be proud of each person as we are of them

tell all our children for decades to come

to honour our forces, every last one

Mac Macdonald
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