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Poetry from within

“It Wasn’t My Fault”.

The five -a -side was over

The lads all wanted grub

Unaware their nemesis

Was drinking at the pub.

With pizza chips and cola

They made their slow way home

Not knowing that the driver

Was talking on his ‘phone

He’d had his fill of beer

With a whisky on the side

He’d fumbled for his car keys

To take that fateful ride

Talking on his mobile

Just one hand on the wheel

Too late he saw the crowd

Too late they heard the squeal

Bodies flew around him

Crashing to the ground

Some lay prone and crying

Some made not a sound

The man who made the phone call

Had come upon the scene

The driver dare not look at

The horror where he’d been

Police and paramedics

Soon came and took control

Deciding speed was crucial

To save one injured soul

And so a helicopter

Was scrambled to the site

They carried off the patient

Whose chances now looked slight

But luck was now on their side

Their special skills and speed

Had worked to save the patient

In his hour of need

The driver of the car was

Quoted in the press

Saying that he wasn’t

The cause of all this mess

He said the crowd of friends

Were spread across the lane

So it was really their fault

They were more to blame

The jury found him guilty

The judge just couldn’t fail

To take away his licence

And pack him off to jail

The helicopter’s patient

Recovered and he knew

He owed it to the speed and skills

Of the helicopter crew

(Dedicated To All Air Ambulance Crews)

Don Holmes