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Poetry from within

"Daffy Disney Care"

It disthney bother me, that “Donald” wasth the firsth

Neither am I bugged by “Bunny”, quacking yolksth that teasthe

My plumage though dimorphic, enhancesth me from birth

Black asth night with orange bill and feet that sthplay the kneesthe

They could have drawn a different life, from lead and paper sheetsth

I could have been a Mallard Duck, unto the Manor born

Unlike old “Foghorn Leghorn” ah-sthay, ah-sthay, doth pleadsth

Or ”Porky Pig’s” new sthidekick, a part I hath forsthworn

A Pekin Duck with mandible extended, sthure to hinder sthpeech

A vigilante lunatic, who Looney Tunesth doth play

Desthpicable in every way, no mannersth left to sthketch or teach

“Duck Dodgers” in a future life, when Warner hath their day

A raft of Ducksth now follow and hang on every listhp

Thisth sthupersthtar of sthcreen and film, in fun no longer pokesth

At friend nor foe of bygone age, whosth wordsth were stharp and cristhp

Sthakespearean in versthe and rhyme, beg Bard

for “Now that’sth all dear Folksth”

Richard Gildea