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Poetry from within

The Spirit of the Season

Hustling, bustling, pushing and shoving

Cash tills ringing, bank balances dwindling

The Spirit of the season

Somehow has lost its meaning!

Itís not about the shopping

Or the presents Ďneath the tree

The Spirit of the season

Is about friends and family

Itís the love we share for one another

Buried way down inside

The Spirit of the season

Is when love comes alive!

Itís the smile on childrenís faces

With rosy cheeks a glow

The frolicking and laughter

Making Angels in the snow

Itís about winter days made brighter

With twinkling Christmas lights

Getting cosy by the fire

On those dark and gloomy nights

Itís about families getting together

Remembering loved ones passed

Sharing in the good times

Making memories that last

Itís about suppressing all the anger

All the hurting, all the pain

Then looking deep inside oneself

And embracing love again

The Spirit of the season

Is a joy for all to boast

So take the time to stop and think

About what truly matters most!


Michaela Turner