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Poetry from within

Childs Story

Whilst in an airport returning home

People were beginning to clap and cheer

Witnessed an act of patriotism ever seen

As a group of soldiers drew near

Just then a young girl ran up to a soldier

Hugging him she kissed him on his cheek

Please pass them on to my daddy

At this point the soldier could not speak

Her mother explained to the soldier

Her daughter misses him so much

Her daddy is serving in Afghanistan

At this the soldier was visibly touched

At this point the soldiers huddled together

On their walkie-talkie did speak

After a few moments the soldier returned

Hugged and kissed her on the cheek

Your Daddy tells me he loves you

He will be coming home bye and bye

The mother was overcome by emotion

As it brought a tear to her eye

The soldier stood to attention

And saluted as he stood up on his feet

Visibly shaken by the episode

As a tear ran down his cheek

Once again they were applauded

As they walked to the plane with pride

All those around were proud to be British

For those soldiers they felt inside

Those that are fighting for their country

In that far off forbidden place

For the families that are waiting at home

We ask for those soldiers all to be kept safe

Malcolm G Bradshaw