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Poetry from within

Winning Determination

I was on patrol in foreign lands, walking in the heat and on desert sands

We stopped our vehicles, to set up a VCP, as I stood there on guard, knowing the enemy could see me

We checked the vehicles as they passed, then all of a sudden that an earth shaking blast

I was on my back when I opened my eyes, I was looking up to the light blue sky

Before I knew it my team approached me, doing their best to reassure me

All went dark but I heard a deafening noise, opened my eyes, I was now under the care, of Chinook’s medical boys

I awoke in hospital in a nice clean bed, I’ll never forget what the doctor said

We saved you arms but you’ve lost your legs, am sorry to report two of your friends are dead

I was flown home, my fight now begins, to walk again, am determined to win

Gordon Bruce