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Poetry from within

Servicemen and Women

I awoke this morning, I moaned and groaned, I have a job where I want to stay at home

I look out the window I see the outside, why canít I go back to bed and simply hide

Bus, car or the early train, commuting in rush hour is such a pain

When I was younger I had hopes as dreams, but the job I have makes me want to scream

The same routine almost everyday, when I think of work I want to run away

When customer moans and complains, they can be so annoying, and such a pain

Your in my thoughts your in my prayers, so I would like to have a moment and have this say

From friends and family you proudly go, will you come home nobody knows

Each morning you wake you may moan and groan, but you have that right as youíre away from home

The weather you face is either hot or cold, you left your loved ones at home, and which you cannot hold

When you commute, land, sea or air, you travel the dangers, which many of us wonít dare

When you face your enemy and they decide to complain, they use different methods and put my complaints to shame

I can go back home at the end of the day, but in foreign lands you must stay

When I compare my job to what you do, I want to say to men and women of our armed forces, I proud of you

Gordon Bruce