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Poetry from within

Photo album

Blue padded cover with gold around the outside, images of the past secured on the inside

I opened album, the photos I see, they are of my mum and a man who means nothing to me

On a seat not so far away, I see my dad looking at me

The pages I turn, this man and mum I see, smiles shared together I clearly see

Who is this man? Where is he from? if mum was so happy, where has he gone?

Mum is in hospital, looking worse for wear, but in her arms a baby lies there

This man holds the baby, which is a boy, I can see from his eyes the man has tears of joy

What once was a couple, there is now three, wait a second... that baby is me!

I look at dad, he looks so strange, I can’t believe how he has totally changed

I said to dad as he sat next to me, and with a soft voice he said to me

“That is your father a man so brave, to protect us from harm his life he gave”

The first steps I took everyone could see, I walk to a coffin that was in front of me

I gave it a kiss, I fell to the floor, memories of my father I have no more

The man that meant nothing, I wish I could miss, the last photo together was the coffin I kissed

Gordon Bruce