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Poetry from within

Bravely lost

His area filled with pictures, of family back home, allowing his mind to freely roam

Children, his wife, and their dog as a pet, one of the happiest families I have ever met

His belongings in a bag so neatly packed, he made sure his admin was done before he hit the sack

His clothes are washed and neatly folded away, that was one of the first that was done, at the close of play

His kit prepared for the following day, ritual of preparation that was never swayed

Despite the orders from above he held a professional view, always raising moral when the troops were blue

On patrols, he tried to keep his men at ease, he would do anything for anyone to easily please

There are no words to describe our loss, he did his job so bravely, his life it cost

We have lost a member of our family, we are more than sad, but having him in our lives, we are truly glad

With his family back home we send our thoughts and hearts, because a son, a father, a husband, he is a hero thatís passed

Gordon Bruce