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Poetry from within

My fate lies

The morning dew is on the ground

The wings are getting fed with rounds,

Gallons of fuel fill my plane

Itís the waiting that drives me insane,

Iíve cheated death I donít doubt

The day will come of my last shout,

This war will end of that I know

Will I be here? I do not know,

Those I protect I do not love those I kill I do not hate,

But in the sky lies my fate,

My fighter is now ready to fly

It wonít be long till were in the sky

Many lives have been lost before

I ask myself how many more to go

The telephone has rang, the bell starts to ring

Not long now till my guns sing

Iíve been hit, I canít take much more

I think Iím next at heavenís doorÖ

Gordon Bruce