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Poetry from within

Below the Depths

Under the depths we lurk unseen, the smell of diesel and no shower to clean

We find a convoy and cruiser escort, we take the gamble and go for the shot

We line up in front they are ahead if we get this wrong we could be dead

We run silent we run slow, we fire tubes one two three and four

Fast and silent we load more fish, time too long a torpedo has missed

A ship explodes and erupts in flames, the escorts chase us who we don’t blame

Two more fish we fire out “dive dive dive” came the shout

Our bow goes down and full rudder left, the cruisers above dropping bombs of death

We run silent we run slow we continue to dive from the escorts we go

Depth charge goes off our u-boat shakes, a pipe breaks unknown damage we take

A compartment is damaged and fills up fast, its us or them who will breathe their last

The water rushes in the crew scream out, “Wait a second am coming out”

The hatch is closed the crewmen trapped in the rushing water is just a din

The attack goes on we dive down, I’ll never forget their dying sound

As the escort passes we get a break, the men rush round repairing the damage we take

The news that comes that we fear, the escort has turned and is coming near

Splashes are heard silent falls, then they explode deafening us all

In the dark silent depths we slip away, living to fight another.

It wasn’t the fight that stays in my head, its in the harbour carrying off our dead.

Gordon Bruce