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Poetry from within


The little face with tear-streaked eyes,

arms clutching teddy tight.

You can't deceive with little lies;

protect her from this sight.

You thought you had control of it;,

this made you feel so good.

if that was so, then why the fit

there on your parquet wood?

So frightened now, your little girl

sees open lifeless eyes:

her simple world is in a whirl

from your deceitful lies.

We could not save your life this time.

This time you were at home.

You used in front of her, this time.

This time she used the phone.

“My Mummy won't wake up” she cried.

We had to break the door.

She stood there crying terrified

beside you on the floor.

Why take the risk when you have kids?

You're not in this alone.

Your life seemed it was on the skids,

but “she” reaps what you've sown.

Is this the way it had to end:

your life etched on your arms?

Why did you never see, my friend,

It's not just you it harms?

Mark Rand