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Poetry from within


When you've had an accident that risks your life or limb

Or that of someone close to you, then do give us a ring

If your life's in peril from an illness or condition

Then telephone us: 999, it is no imposition

But if you've had a sniffle, that has been around for days

Or a pulled a muscle gardening, or fell and got a graze

Go and see your doctor. It is easier, you see

He can sort your problems out, and you'll be home for tea.

And unless you have a complication: A pregnancy event

is not an emergency situation, nor an accident.

Nine months is a long time, and planning is the key

So you should have enough money, to pay for a taxi.

If you hear a siren and you're driving in your car

Do us all a favour and look in your mirror

Then slow down, indicate, pull over out the way

So we can reach the sick person and hopefully save the day

Calling out an ambulance takes responsibility

Is not to be done lightly, I hope you will agree

Coz, If you go by ambulance, they will not see you quicker

That is just a fallacy. They prioritise the sicker

Mark Rand