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Poetry from within

A Mother’s love is Eternal

The one thing I learnt very early in life

The importance of a Mum & Dad

The love of a Happy Family

Tho’ riches we never had

And as I read the words you wrote

It all quickly came back to me

For the hands of time keep rushing by

But it is easy for me to see

That you are now faced with the sadness

Of the loss of a Mum so dear

Who cherished and fed and loved you all

And shared many a laugh and a tear

When young she clothed and fed you all

And bathed your wounds when you fell and bled

Comforted you all when you were worried

And tucked you up safely in bed

She knew the meals you loved to eat

And the clothes you were keen to wear

Encouraged you with your education & sport

All part of a loving Mother’s care

With Dad as a partner to all of these chores

As a Family you work as a team

Living life for Happiness

Your success in life was your Mother’s dream

She saw you through the rough and the smooth

Sometimes with an aching heart

But then like a bolt from the blue it happens

Sadness causes the tears to start

And as with us all the loss of a loved one

Leaves us empty and full of sorrow

But know they would want us to be strong

And face the world tomorrow

For no-one can remove those wonderful memories

Sacred to you and your Family tho’ you sleep

As a Mother’s love is eternal

And her Heavenly watch on you she’ll evermore keep

19th June 2010

Dennis Shrubshall