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Poetry from within


As I tumble down through the depths to the darkness below

I wonder if anyone noticed me go

The pitch black folds around me

Making it impossible to see

As I descend to the watery abyss below

Bubbles around, rising to the surface they flow

I look up and can imagine their attempt to flee

Away from the clutches of the ever enveloping sea

The pressure crushes against me, as I drop below

The place from whence there is no return is where I go

Creatures brush against me, in the gloom I cant make them out

But my mind fills with images of creatures to fear, there is no doubt

I reach up in a desperate attempt to ascend out of the nightmare

But my hand grasps nothing but water, there is no hand there

To grab and pull me to safety, to save me

Sanity, there is no sign of thee

Current and gravity pulling me down, I am lost and alone

In the dark depths, deep below I am so far from home

At the bottom far from all I come to rest

Now nothing can pull me out of this mess.

Chris Duncan