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Poetry from within

A good Dad

Iíve tried to remember what makes a good Dad

Like heís always there whenever Iím sad

Heís taken for granted throughout his life

Special occasions are left to his wife

But fatherís day makes me think of the times

You put me to bed and told nursery rhymes

Being so young I didnít understand

How good it felt just holding your hand

Whenever I needed support with a task

Who would I turn to who would I ask

Never too busy to stop and to talk

Always prepared to say ďLetís have a walkĒ

The older I got my problems grew too

And sometimes I didnít know just what to do

You always had answers to clear up my woes

A typical lad and his Dad I suppose

Itís now that I realise just what Iíve got

A typical Dad is something youíre not

I still have the chance to hug you and say

How much I love you on this Fatherís Day

Don Holmes