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Poetry from within

Deep in the night

Where I go I donít know,

There are times I am lost,

I wonder in the dark and the night,

Wondering what the toll will eventually cost,

Sliding through the woods, between the trees,

Stepping off branches and roots,

Silently picking my path,

Making progress, gently placing my boots.

When will I be accountable,

What will it all mean,

Crawling in the dirt and mud,

when I finally get seen.

I fight me way, dying to live

Will I ever see day,

I wonder In this hell on earth,

Waiting to find out if ill be made to pay.

Sometimes in the dead of night,

I feel so alive and alert,

All around is known to me,

I know I cannot be hurt.

I can smell so many things,

Almost taste the foliage and things,

I feel at one, part of the land,

My heart races and sings.

In the darkness of night is where I belong,

Where others dare not tread,

What stops them feeling what I do,

Can it be, is it possible I am dead.

Chris Duncan